Wild by Design
These are sculptural rings - If you prefer a round ring, the shape may be altered at the bottom.
Silver, Blackwood, rubber
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Silver, Pearl, rubber
Silver, Synthetic Smoky Quartz
Wide Textured Silver bottom, polished bars on top.
Earth Range
Oxidised silver, 3 x white Cubic zircona

Softened square shank.
Silver, Titanium, yellow Gold

(top of ring)
Yellow Gold, Diamonds
white gold, sapphires
Silver, Amethyst cabachon and faceted
Rubber O'Rings, Silver, Onyx
Acrylic Africa in Silver frames (45mm)
RFD-03 ...Aquamarine
The Caelocanth is a fish that was thought to be extinct, later to be rediscovered in various parts of the world. This bangle is a celebration of its reemergence from the dark depths of our seas.
Silver, rubber, industrial chain.

2 body pieces worn together, side view.
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